About Us:

Every successful company has an interesting story behind its growth and success. As we are building ours, we want you to know who we are and what we believe in.

We are a professional inspection services company, which has seen the need for” trusted quality control partners “to fulfill your operational and production requirements. We work on the four pillars of Integrity, Flexibility, Accuracy and Responsibility; Which are seen in every aspect of our business.

Our services to you are an offering of quality control solutions which can be used at every stage of your manufacturing process. We like to work in the best interests of our customers by ensuring that their costs and time are put to effective use . We partner with you to do the inspection for you be it production monitoring, during production inspection, initial production inspection , a final random inspection and even container loading inspection at your desired supplier’s /dealers point.

We are sensitive to the fact that only an efficient Quality Control Partner can save the client from taking uncalled risks, reduce cost and time, have a competitive edge and improve overall profitability. We believe that good work produces good results and our good work in terms of our inspection process; will earn us the reputation of being a reliable inspection partner for your business.

Why do you need Inspection?

As a manufacturer, the end result of all your core activities is to have a Happy Customer, One who is loyal to you and your brand. An ultimate experience that you can give your customer is the assurance of a product which has been measured against high standards and nothing else. Beyond customer delivery, customer support is the aspect of a Quality Inspection Process, which seals the worthiness of the product before it is shipped to the customer.

Your production process ensures that you have systematic and well defined tasks in place for your product. Having an effective Quality Inspection process with essential standards prove that your product is worth the design and effort you have put in the final output. Look out for professional Inspection providers like us who will take your product through an effective Inspection process to test the market worthiness of your product.

So before you make a decision on finding a suitable Inspection provider, we would like to tell you that at Only Inspection we act as a neutral third party therefore with no bias in our quality reports. What we see is what we report. Talk to our customers and they would vouch for our way of work and the reasonable price that we quote for our services.

How Inspection can add value to your business?

  • Reduce defect
  • Design Improvement
  • Process training
  • Reduce Cost of production
  • Earn a loyal customer
  • Value Addition to your product